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A Gallery of Documents, Paintings, Pictures and Photographs


A gallery of documents and pictures relating to Biddulph and the surrounding area will be added to this section. It will include items which have been given to the Society and kept in the archive. It will be organised in discrete sets each one of which can be accessed from the Gallery menu on the left.

01.) A set of aerial views of the Biddulph and surrounding areas which were taken in the 1960s.

02.) A set of photographs of Biddulph taken in 2003 by Mr. Brian Nightingale and organised into four local walks

03.) A set of documents relating to Court Summonses and other Legal Documents of the 1870’s - Up to No Good.

04.) A set of local For Sale Notices from 1828 through to 1948.

05.) A set of photographs of Biddulph taken by Mr. George Plant.

06.) A set of photographs of the family, friends, employees and vehicles of J Haydon & Sons, Livestock Hauliers from Wharf Road, Biddulph.

07.) A set of photographs of Biddulph High Street, some of which featured in the book “Goowin dine th’ grayn”.

08.) A set of links to films of Biddulph taken in the 1960’s and early 1970’s by Mrs. Alice Price.

09.) A set of paintings of Biddulph and Biddulph Moor by Mike Salt.

10.) A True Terrier and Perfect Note of the Glebe Lands belonging to the Vicarage of Biddulph

11.) A set of adverts, articles and photographs taken from a copy of Staffordshire Weekly Sentinel of April 1945.

Biddulph Picture Gallery

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