Pre-War Biddulph: Everyday Life . . . .

Require a policeman?

Biddulph Police Station: Henry Johnson Smedley, Sergeant, and two constables (1912) by 1916 six constables.

Biddulph Moor Police Station (1916): Jack Lloyd, resident constable.

Sergeant Smedley.

Posting a letter?

Biddulph Post Office: Sub-postmaster Charles Goldstraw (1912) Frederick Frost (1916)

Biddulph Moor Post Office: Sub-postmaster Henry Forrester

Brownlees Post Office: Sub-postmaster Enoch Brough

Pool Fold Post office: Sub-postmistress Mrs. Martha Gilchrist

Telegraph Offices at Biddulph and Black Bull Station

Hugh Bayley.

Catching a train?

Biddulph: Station master Hugh Bayley.

Black Bull: Station master Daniel Riley

Need a dentist?

Henry Dodd, artificial teeth maker (attends Weds.) Congleton Rd.

Cecil Jones, artificial teeth manufacturer

Want to register a birth or death?

Jonathan Nixon, registrar of births, deaths and marriages. (Tuesday: 10-12)

Can’t find a bank?

The Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Ltd. (sub-branch), High Street, Bradley Green. “The manager attends: Tuesdays 11 to 1p.m. and Fridays 10.30 to 2.30p.m.”

Manager in 1912: Thomas Marston

Manager in 1916: George Frederick Reekie

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