Mr. Robert Heath,
The Grange,
Iron & Coal Master,
Biddulph Valley Collieries
and Iron Works

and Professionals....

Joseph William Casstles,
Gillow Fold,
Potters’ sand merchants
Henry Holt
of Hurst Towers,
Holt Brothers, Potters’ sand merchants
James Arthur Lees of the Moor House, J.P.
Thomas Cottrell of the Falls, J.P.
Cornelius G. Myott of Oxhay, J.P.
Shadrach Gibson, Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector
George Lawton, Master, Biddulph School
John Cole, Mining Surveyor
Dr. James Craig
Mr. Clement Pollard, Headmaster of Bradley Green School
Rev. Rowland Bateman
Mr. William Lowe, Headmaster of Knypersley Council School
Mr. Herbert William Reeve, Headmaster of Biddulph Moor Council School
Mr. George Lawton, Headmaster of St. Lawrence Church School

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