Before the Storm: July 1914

Newspaper Weekly Evening Sentinel
Date Saturday July 4th 1914
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Biddulph Scholarships

Only two scholars for Biddulph Central Council School sat at the recent examinations held at Cauldon Road Schools, Hanley, for County Exhibition Scholarships Both these candidates – Miss Ciceley Hilda Jackson and Miss Elsie Chadwick were successful and have been granted exhibitions tenable at Hanley Secondary School. Their success reflects much credit on the able tuition of Miss Evelyn Willatt, LLA, their headmistress at Biddulph Central Council girls school.

Newspaper Staffordshire Advertiser
Date Saturday July 18th 1914
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Biddulph Moor: Choir Strike

As a protest against the introduction of new hymn books, the removal of the third edition of the Hymnal Companion from the seats of Christ Church by the Rector (the Rev. E. Wheeldon), but especially to show sympathy with Mr. H.W. Reeves, who has resigned after serving gratuitously as organist without a break for 32 years, and had been Sunday School Superintendent for a similar period, the whole of the choir absented themselves on Sunday and declared a Choir Strike. On Monday morning, the members of the choir were the recipients of notes from the Rector intimating that their absence from the choir stalls would be taken as showing that they had resigned their positions, and thanking them for their past services. This is the first unpleasantness between choir and rector that has occurred since the church was built 51 years ago.

Newspaper Staffordshire Weekly Sentinel
Date Saturday July 25th 1914
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Great Storms

Storms which broke over North Staffordshire on Sunday and Monday afternoon attained the fury of a cyclone at Biddulph. Our photograph shows one of the many trees which were uprooted, and in some cases raised some height and thrown to the ground stripped of leaves and branches. The air in places seemed to be filled with whirling twigs, leaves and earth.

July storm damage

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