Private John Bamford

2nd West Riding Regiment died February or March 1915


Data on the life of John Bamford has proved difficult, if not impossible to find. No definite trace could be found for him on census records or in Births or Marriages.

A report of his death was in the Sentinel on March 6th 1915. It gave his home address as 24, Victoria Street, Brindley Ford and that he had a wife and four children. Unfortunately it gave his regiment but no army number.

Private J. Bamford, Killed in Action
Private John Bamford, of the 2nd West Riding Regiment, who lived at 24, Victoria Street, Brindley Ford, has been killed in action. Private Bamford, who was a reservist, leaves a widow and four children.

John is commemorated on the war memorial at Brindley Ford.

Elaine Bryan


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