Biddulph & District Genealogy & Historical Society Biddulph Grange by Kath Walton

The Biddulph Tithe Survey

Section 10 of the Tithe Map

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Plot Details for Section 10

Plot Number Field Name Owner Occupier Field Use Acres Roods Perch
1910Near Three Day MathMyott RichardMyott Richardp2329
1911Far Three Day MathMyott RichardMyott Richardp3023
1912Far Bentley's MeadowMyott RichardMyott Richardp225
1913Near Bentleys MeadowMyott RichardMyott Richardp1339
1914Bentley's FieldMyott RichardMyott Richardm6010
2224Rough FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johnp4338
2225Upper Rough FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johnp4021
2226Home FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johna212
2227CroftCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johna0115
2227House & gardenCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson John0014
2227WasteCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson John0019
2228MeadowCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johnm1218
2229Corner FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johnp0212
2229WasteBiddulph Parish: Freeholders ofBiddulph Parish0034
2230Long FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johnm3333
2232Little FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johnp1236
2233Far FieldCamoys The Rt Hon LordGibson Johna332

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